How Bespoke VoIP Works

Stay Connected

In today’s ever changing business world, we know it’s more important than ever that all of your devices be connected. That’s why our Bespoke VoIP platform is designed to allow users to maintain the same identity and calling experience regardless of whether they’re connect via a tablet, smart phone, laptop or desktop phone. Plus, it’s multimedia based so it can seamlessly integrate the capabilities of third party extensions. From desktop web presence to mobile extensions to video telephony to email client based access of voice mails, we offer everything a your business needs to compete and win. 

Multi-Carrier Network

Our VoIP Network uses multiple nationwide carriers to connect our customers to their customers.

Server Configuration

Our server cluster is designed for maximum security and redundancy.

                                                               No Single Point of Failure

Our cloud-based technology allows for the real-time sharing of information between multiple locations. Thus creating a system that can seamlessly withstand failovers so you don’t ever have to worry about a disruption to your service.  Typically, a geo redundant system like this relies on both active and backup servers, with the back up server sitting idle. But on the other hand, our Bespoke system is always active, automatically distributing services across every server available. The benefits of this are both an increase in flexibility and a reduction in the number of servers required during peak times. Our system also allows for the distribution of load based on distance from the end-user, which ensures optimum quality of service because voice and video payload takes the shortest path between callers.